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We have been partners with EduSoft System Solutions for many years and because of their satisfactory work  we haven't even think about any other software. Good thing is that it is not the same as it was in the start, as our business grown, the features in the software also grow which makes the work really easier for us.

If I were to describe the importance of EduSoft, I would say that it has a humongous effect of what Ahsan Medicine Co. is today. All the satisfied clients who visit and re visit us due to our fast service, the software from EduSoft Solutions plays a big role behind that. Well Done! )

A very fine software. All our records are now organized and the fast billing has ease the over crowded burden on us. We are very happy with the software and its services. )

We deal in multiple distributions of Castic Soda, Glue, tapes etc. and it got really difficult for us to maintain everything but thanks to EduSoft product "Business Solution" we were relevied and it has been  more than a year that everything is going smoothly, Buck up guys! )

This software is amazing!! I have spent weeks on the internet searching for a Property Management software program.This software is amazing!! I have spent weeks on the internet searching for None of them compared to "eduPropertyManager"... )

Store Manager

Perfect software to manage inventory and keep track of commodity present in your departmental store.

It enables Hassel Free management of in store activities, improved merchandise management, beneficial in reduction of labor cost, support remote store process and many more. Perform your operations in quickest possible manner, when it comes to serve multiple customers at single time. Enjoy various analytical reports and give your business a boom!

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Store Manager Operational Modules:

icon Porducts Hierarchy
icon godown Mgmt
icon Shelf Mgmt
icon POS
icon Discounts
icon Membership Card
icon Cash Reports
icon Inventory
icon Time & Attendance
icon Payroll
icon Banks
icon Accounts

  • Easily to Operate System Screens by Cashier, Store Manager, Owners
  • Multiple Store Management from Single Server Machine (Head office or Main Branch or Main Warehouse, etc.)
  • Shift Management and Administration
  • Maintain No of People &their gender visitedto your store and their reporting
  • Point of sales (POS) Invoice and POS return invoice
  • General sales tax working on Sales
  • Cashier wise counter sales and discount report
  • Salesman wise Commission system and its reporting
  • Daily sales and Account closing system
  • Maximum Discount on single products and also restricts salesman to enter discount
  • Manage Purchase invoice party wise and maintain its payment schedule date
  • Maintain multiple payment of purchase to parties on single form
  • Purchase voucher reference wise payment to parties
  • Order Placement on single click of stock
  • Restricts sales man to change the retail price on Sale invoice
  • Change the color of entry in purchase which is easily to find max & min G.P% of products
  • Place product picture which is shown on POS Invoice
  • Maintain multiple batch/serial of single product on purchase
  • Negative stock report and outstanding sales reports
  • Customizable Product Hierarchy
  • Maintain Godown as well as shelf inventory
  • Godown wise and shelf wise separate stock report
  • Barcode Wise Stock Maintenance and stock reports
  • Maintain Minimum and maximum Shelf Level of Single Products
  • Products Conversion from loose (Kg) to packing (No of Units)
  • Issuance from Godown to shelf stock
  • Stock return from shelf to Godown
  • Excess of stock entry and stock shortage entry
  • Maintain expiry of products and expiry products reports
  • Payment & receipts scheduler
  • Cheque Book Management (Issuance & Cancellation)
  • Cash Deposit to Bank
  • Cash Draw from Bank
  • Bank Instruments (Cheque, Debit/Credit Card Demand Draft, Tele Transfer,
  • Travelling Cheque Pay Oder, etc) Deposit & with Drawl Management System
  • Bank to Bank Cash Transfer
  • Bank Accounts Reconciliation System
  • Payment & receipts scheduler
  • Department Wise Employee Division
  • Employees Profile
  • Employees Leaves & Absentees Record
  • Advances & Loan to Staff Management
  • Staff Loan Rescheduling
  • Over / Short Time Management
  • Monthly Payroll / Salary Sheet
  • Cash Receipt Voucher (Double Entry system)
  • Cash Payment Voucher (Double Entry system)
  • Bank Receipt and Payment voucher
  • Journal Voucher Transaction
  • Manage Future Transaction

Account Module Reports:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Cash Book
  • Ledger
  • Transactions Book
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Subsidiary Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Income Statement (Consolidate)
  • Income statement (Business Unit Wise)
  • Balance Sheet (Consolidate & Business Unit Wise)
  • Daily Voucher Report Employee wise report
  • Employee wise daily report
  • Employee wise transaction report
  • Employee Activity report

Sales Reports :

  • Party wise products sales reports
  • Invoice wise party sales detail report
  • Group & Category wise sales reports
  • Products wise sales & sales returns
  • Member wise sale & sales detail ledger
  • Member wise receivable amount report

Stock report :

  • Single stock and dual stock report
  • Group & category wise Godown stock & shelf
    combine stock report
  • Product code wise and product wise
  • stock report
  • Evaluative stock Reports
  • Quantity wise Godown& shelf stock report
  • Product wise Evaluative and quantity stock report
  • Negative stock report
  • Party wise product stock report
  • Batch / serial wise stock report
  • Group & Category wise Stock in\out reports
  • Stock inflow and outflow source report

Purchase Reports :

  • Group & category wise purchase report
  • Date wise products & all products purchase report
  • Party wise last purchase detail report
  • Party wise purchase return
  • Trade offer reports
  • Group wise G.P of products report
  • Category & subcategory wise G.P reports
  • General make Reports
  • General Purchase & purchase return report
  • General Sale & Sales Return Reports
  • Stock inflow & outflow reports
  • General Godown issuance & return report

Miscellaneous Reports :

  • Products conversion report
  • Products expiry & expiry on batch/serial report
  • Godown& shelf product activity
  • Login wise product entry
  • Party payment & receipts
  • Stock management analysis
  • Party wise Sales & G.P Analysis
  • Bill wise gross profit analysis

Management :

  • Navigation Security System
  • Multi User Accounts
  • User Login Security
  • User Rights Management (Forms access Rights, Reports, View, Edit, Delete, Print etc.)
  • User Accounts Association System

Utilities: :

  • Back-up, Restore and data safety system
  • Accounts Transaction shifting
  • Provisional voucher
  • Session reclosing
  • Back date editing and their lock
  • Different print style option in voucher
  • Customizable Chart of Accounts (Multi Business)
  • Separate cash account maintain in case of multi business unit
  • Inter transaction A/c from one business unit to other
  • Unlimited License or Period base License
  • Unlimited financial Sessions
  • Financial Session Closing on a Single Click
  • Parties Contacts management & address book Export to Excel, Word, PDF, Text & HTML

Our Valuable Clients:

  • ABC Departmental Store
  • Al Hilal Industries
  • Al Khair Foods, Sweets & Bakers
  • Al Saud Departmental Store
  • Aleem Sons
  • Ali General Store
  • Al-Lateef General Store
  • Al-Sehraa
  • Ayoub Khan Super Store
  • Azaan Super Store
  • Bake and Beyond
  • Best Buys
  • BJ Shopping Mall
  • Cafe 11
  • China Plus Mart
  • Choice Super Market
  • Choice Super Market Store
  • City Mart
  • City Super Store
  • Classic Cake n Bake
  • Coins Mart
  • Factory Price Shop
  • Fiaz CNG Services
  • Fiaz Kriyana StoreChase Value's
  • Food festival Group -All Branches Multan
  • Food Festival-Gulshan Market
  • Food Mahal
  • Green Land Hyper Market (BWP)
  • Hamza Fair Price Shop
  • Happy Home Complex
  • Hyper Mart & Bakers
  • Ideal Mart (Buch Villas)
  • Indus River Restaurant
  • Indus River Restaurant
  • Jam Filling Station and Tuck Shop
  • Jampur Petroleum Services
  • Kashif Sweets & Bakers
  • Khawaja Sweets and Bakers
  • M/S E-Mart
  • Malik Shakeel Karyana Store
  • Metro Departmental Store
  • MGM Store
  • Mian Fazal Rehman Hospital
  • Mini Mart
  • Multan Department Store
  • Multan Department Store
  • National Milk Bar & Departmental Store
  • New Insaf Fabrics
  • One One Mini Mart
  • Pick and Choose Departmental Store
  • Prince Mart
  • PSO Shop Stop
  • Rana Babar Petroleum services and Marhaba Mart
  • Read and Play
  • Rehan Ghani Super Store, Sweets and Bakers
  • RJ's Departmental Store
  • Shaheen Bakers
  • Sohaib General Store
  • Sunrise Super Market
  • Tasty Bamboo Mart
  • Tasty Mart
  • Tasty Plus Bakers
  • The Pantry Sweets & Bakers
  • The Yumz Bakers
  • TM Bakers
  • Unique Family Store
  • Usman Departmental Store