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CEO Message

Muhammad Sajid
Hameed (CEO)

EduSoft System Solutions is not only a name or an organization. It has enthusiasm in it, an aspiration to grow, serve & having a capacity to go through conundrum situations and to become luminous. This organization has a history of responsible business conduct. We have a cogent believe on “Allah”. Business is not all about earning profits measured in numbers but also, as importantly, about how those numbers are achieved. For our clients EduSoft Solutions is not only a name but a prodigy which stands for its commitment, customer care, integrity, product knowledge, trouble free services and competitive prices. All this have been achieved by the grace of Allah almighty & untiring hard work of our team. We believe in long come strong relationship with our clients and perfection in our products.

In all these years, we have gathered and trained some of the finest people who are now part of EduSoft System Solutions. We have taught all our employees to treat each and every customer equally and never disappoint them, whether they are part of our organization or are just there to gather some kind of information. By the grace of Allah, we have earned some remarkable success in customer satisfaction and all the positive word of mouth have given us more courage and even more confidence to get going for all these years.

We are always looking for new and advanced ways in our product development. Our team is always ready to take any challenge i.e. put in front of them. For the past sometime, we have started working on international market for website designing and website development and it has shown quite immense positive response. We have a separate team which deals with all the international clients and do their job because we believe in quality and nothing gives our client more satisfaction that specialized solutions.

We give our very best efforts and make sure that client can benefit from our services, in a way that it was meant to be benefitted from. Firstly, it is because of almighty Allah and secondly it is because of such hard working employees which have lead EduSoft System Solutions to the place which it is now and still has a lot of potential to grow in the foreseeable future. It has been almost 14 years till now and we hope that for all the upcoming years, we work with such dedication and keep more and more clients happy. Our clients and employees means equal to me than my very own family. The platform which we are standing now wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t the support and dedication of our hard working employees. These people are the reason I can stand tall and proudly tell everyone that I am part of this wonderful organization named EduSoft System Solutions.