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We have been partners with EduSoft System Solutions for many years and because of their satisfactory work  we haven't even think about any other software. Good thing is that it is not the same as it was in the start, as our business grown, the features in the software also grow which makes the work really easier for us.

If I were to describe the importance of EduSoft, I would say that it has a humongous effect of what Ahsan Medicine Co. is today. All the satisfied clients who visit and re visit us due to our fast service, the software from EduSoft Solutions plays a big role behind that. Well Done! )

A very fine software. All our records are now organized and the fast billing has ease the over crowded burden on us. We are very happy with the software and its services. )

We deal in multiple distributions of Castic Soda, Glue, tapes etc. and it got really difficult for us to maintain everything but thanks to EduSoft product "Business Solution" we were relevied and it has been  more than a year that everything is going smoothly, Buck up guys! )

This software is amazing!! I have spent weeks on the internet searching for a Property Management software program.This software is amazing!! I have spent weeks on the internet searching for None of them compared to "eduPropertyManager"... )

Business Solution Accounts & Inventory

Details coming Soon...

Business Solution Accounts & Inventory Operational Modules:

icon Multi Business Units
icon Job Cards Mgmt
icon Activity / Labor
icon Invoicing
icon Recoveries
icon Expenses
icon Hoarding Mgmt
icon Asset s Mgmt
icon Inventory Module
icon Time & Attendance
icon Payroll
icon Banks
icon Accounts

Our Valuable Clients:

  • Abdullah Packages Industries
  • Akbar Naeem Construction
  • Al Aziz Associates
  • Al-Muntazir Agriculture Farm
  • Anjuman Jamia Masjid 380-A
  • Asian Dairy Farm
  • CKK Traders
  • Fabcon Contractors
  • Farooqi Traders
  • Fine Tax/AGS Packages Pvt Ltd
  • Home Care Architecture
  • Karachi Cloth Merchant
  • Khan Property
  • Khawaja Brothers
  • M Ahmed Sarshan and Construction Company
  • Malik Manzoor and Co.
  • Mehr Dastagir Spinning Mills
  • Mehr Dastagir Spinning Mills
  • Moonlight Autos
  • Moonlight Autos
  • New Super Poultry Protein Processors
  • Pace Advertising Company
  • Pakistan Graphics
  • Raja Sahib Card Center